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Hassan Lopez is the designer of the strategy board game, Clockwork Wars, also published by Eagle-Gryphon Games. He has a doctorate in neuroscience and is a professor and research scientist at Skidmore College. Hassan lives in upstate New York with his wife and two daughters.

Born, raised and currently based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Rob Guillory is best known for his art on Image Comics' long-running series CHEW. Written by John Layman, the book has achieved much success, winning two Harvey Awards (including Best New Talent for Guillory) and two Eisner Awards (Best New Series in 2010 and Best Continuing Series in 2011). 

Click to watch The Board Game Spotlight playthrough
Click to watch The Board Game Spotlight playthrough
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Before there was Infamous, Hassan Lopez created the world of Clockwork Wars. In Clockwork Wars, 2-4 players command a unique race of creatures in a brisk, tense war game set in an alternate universe where magic and steam-era technology collide. Take control of the calculating Purebreeds, the industrious Troglodytes, the mighty Rhinochs, or the proud Mongrels. Your goal is to vanquish your foes and accumulate the most victory points through seven turns of play. You earn points by fighting for control of territories that contain valuable natural resources. To win these battles, you need manpower gained by seizing villages and developing them into cities. Invest in research and discover astonishing new technologies, like Golems, Submersibles, and Analytical Engines. Position your troops, research powerful discoveries, employ espionage, and conquer your enemies to win the game!

Clockwork Wars by Hassan Lopez
Clockwork Wars by Hassan Lopez

Clockwork Wars features:

  • A modular map composed of hexagonal tiles and nine territory types (including manufactories, sorcerer's towers, and citadels) that allows for infinite replayability.
  • Four different races to choose from, each with its own unique units. Hidden and simultaneous unit deployment that provides constant tension. Short turns packed with tough decisions.
  • Simple, diceless combat resolution. A card-based espionage system. A unique "technology tree" that is different for every game.
  • Research discoveries in one of three different disciplines: Sorcery, Science, and Religion.
  • Light civilization-building mechanisms, as players upgrade villages into cities and research discoveries through three successive, historical ages.
  • Rules for either a "free-for-all" game or a 2 vs. 2 team game, where you and your ally combine forces and victory points.

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Available Rewards:



Everything you need to become an aspiring supervillain bent on world domination. Includes Maniacal and the digital art book featuring the work of renowned comic artist, Rob Guillory.

This reward is available in the United States only and includes free shipping.


  • Maniacal
  • Digital Art Book

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